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Jane Mark talks Words That Pay  

More visitors, more sales, in less time...

A while back YouTube did a sneaky thing.

They hid the keyword tags section on their video watch pages because they claimed people were abusing them. It seems that some people were cheating and simply copying whole sets of tags from one video to another in order to rank their own videos higher.

Well, we did a few sneaky things too.

We created YT Tag Locator (YTTL) to uncover the keyword tags your competition used on their videos. The tags that YouTube hid. We made it drop dead easy for you to find them.
You simply login to your YT Tag Locator (YTTL) member area, click the Search Tool link. Enter a keyword or phrase that describes your product, or service, select the number of views, press search and just like magic you see the titles, descriptions, and keywords.

That's it. You're done!

Anyone can do this!

YT Tag Locator (YTTL) allows you to quickly see which titles your competitors use, what descriptions they used and what keyword tags they used.

This unique tool will find all videos that meet your search specs and display them on a page so you can clearly see the information you are after. This tells you what your competitors think is important so you don't have to waste money and time doing your own testing.

Use YTTL as a valuable research tool...

Watch the video to see how easy this is...

But wait, there's more...

We also created 2 really cool PDF reports.  The first one is on headline creation. We call it - 11 Powerful Ways to Compel Your Audience to Act. The second one is called - Keyword Research Made Easy.

These comprehensive reports show you how to responsibly and effectively use the titles, descriptions and keywords your competition is using to rank their videos and get even more views and exposure for your own videos.

One of the most important questions we get asked is...

Can I use YT TAG Locator even if I don't do any video marketing?

Absolutely! Google owns YouTube. When you search at YouTube you are using Google's search algorithm and when you combine the results you get from YTTL with the power of the information in the 2 free reports we provide. You will be unbeatable.

* Email marketing
* Social media marketing
* Video marketing
Webinars or hangouts marketing

* Blog posts marketing
* Directory marketing
* Article marketing
* Mobile marketing
* Traffic exchange marketing
* Call center marketing (phone scripts)
* Banner marketing
* Contextual marketing
* Squidoo and Hub page marketing
* Social bookmark marketing
* Search Marketing

You can use the priceless information in these reports to rapidly increase your views and sales no matter what kind of marketing you do.

The amazing YTTL...

* Is simple to use
* NO experience needed
* Affordable
* Price starts at just $17.00
* One time payments. NO recurring.
* Earn your investment back in a heartbeat.
* GET PAID every Friday

It's your turn become a marketing expert.

ACT NOW! Grab YT Tag Locator (YTTL) and your free training reports today! You can use it for all your marketing.

It's only a one time payment of...

This is an introductory price! Secure your access now before the price rises...

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